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CrossFit Programming : bien structurer ses entraînements CrossFit !

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CrossFit Programming : bien structurer ses entraînements CrossFit !

Messagepar Elsabre le 23/07 15h25

Ci dessous un post bien documenté trouvé sur un board US qui résume selon moi assez bien comment on peut structurer ses entrainements en CrossFit:

When programming Crossfit, you basically need to split your clientele into 2 main camps:

Those training for performance
Those training for fat loss

They have very different needs. Those training for fat loss can basically get away with the long metcon programming that we often find in some gyms. They also typically benefit from strict Paleo, since it provides the results they are looking for. You should definitely provide them with some strength training, as of course, increased muscle mass will decrease body fat by boosting metabolism.

I'm more concerned about the performance athlete. For them, the work must be much more specialized, and a lot more thought needs to go into it. And still, each athlete will have a different needs based on their own deficiencies. In most other sports, from (even hobbyist) powerlifting, to football there are definitive progressions for improving athlete performance.

For instance, in Powerlifting, you have linear strength programs. There isn't much more to that, aside from perhaps some technique work.

In (American) Football, on top of strength training, there is a lot of speed and agility drills, running plays, etc. But for Crossfit, training seems to vary pretty widely from gym to gym, from coach to coach. This is due to the "random" nature of Crossfit programming touted by Glassman, and a mixture of inexperience in some gyms leading to following nothing specific; with experience at others which leads to a lot of experimentation based on some known variables. But the sport itself is still changing, which means our methods must also change.

So what are the foundation concepts of Crossfit training, that can be built on to create a structured approach to developing Crossfit athletes?

Strength Training

There should definitely be a structured approach to develop athlete strength. All the numbers in your competitive Crossfit athletes have gone up every year since the first games. Jason Khalipa has increased his deadlift from 485# in 2009 to 550# going into the 2013 open. His back squat has gone from 365# to 450#. His C&J has gone from 275# to 335#. In the same time, he has shaved only 6 seconds off his Fran time. Strength is important. Here are some good strength programs:

- The best beginner program out there. Linear in progression, you add weight every workout. 3x5 routine featuring Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press, Press, and Power Clean.

- Runner up for best beginner program. Linear progression. 5x5 featuring Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press, Press, and Barbell Row. You can choose this program if you want more volume than for SS, or if you prefer the Barbell Row because it's easier to teach than the Clean, and is great for balancing out back development in any program with the Bench Press.

- The Jim Wendler 5/3/1 tuned for a beginner. The benefit of this program is there are only 2 main lifts per day in the core program, so it is faster than the other 2, and why it is frequently used for CrossFit athletes. Squat, Bench, Deadlift, Press.

- Intermediate Program. Same lifts as SL5x5, but with lower volume, and different rep scheme.

- Intermediate Program - Same lifts as Starting Strength. 5x5

- Intermediate/Advanced. Same lifts as 5/3/1 Beginner mod. 1 main lift per day, which makes it easy to program with Crossfit - however, there is some specific accessory work that is highly recommended (which is typically missed in Crossfit programming) which includes strict/weighted chins, rows, good mornings, and hanging leg raises (these are what I see as important, personally). Good phone apps available for this program.

- Intermediate/Advanced program - Same lifts as the other SL programs. Heavy volume (3 lifts/day)

Crossfit athletes should be doing Front Squat work, so I personally say take any program that squats more than once per week, and switch 1 BS for FS.


There are definitely some skills that should be practiced often, and some that should be worked every day. I personally say for a competitive Crossfit athlete, include the Burgener Warm-up in the warm-up routine 3-5 days per week.

Otherwise, skills that should be practiced at least 3-5 times per week (work them into the warm-up as skill work, not into the WOD where you will see a break down in form) include: Pistols Hand Stand Push-ups Double-Unders

Skills for 2-4 times per week: Strict/kipping pull-ups Muscle-Ups Clean & Jerk Snatch Overhead Squat (even with just a PVC)


This is where you develop the athlete's motor. The ability to sustain power output over a duration. Generally in this portion of your programming, you should be looking at developing the Glyocolitic and Oxidative ATP pathways. to one of the CFJ articles on this subject.

ATP-CP battery

This is development of recovery at near maximum efforts. There is a great article on this at . Key points:

Train using EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute) workouts (Alactic-Aerobic) near 55-75% of 1RM
Train using Heavy Metcons (bottleneck) - something that mixes MetCon with a heavy or skill related movement, forcing you to rest

Volume/Aerobic base

I think if you are training people at a CrossFit gym, you are hesitant to tell your athletes "well, today instead of using my equipment, you're going to go run a 10K." So often this gets neglected. Now, in Crossfit, we like to develop aerboic capacity at shorter intervals anyway - but IMO you should not neglect this entirely - so ensure you are encouraging your athletes to participate in local 5K, 10K, and Tough Mudder races. It will help. Otherwise, be sure to program active recovery days where you encourage your athlete to stay home, but go for a 30+ minute slow run.

This also includes longer WODs

Double Helen (Hell-in) etc.

Lactate Threshold

This is something we really focus on, and is often the aim of WODs. This can be worked very similarly to ATP-CP, but with much lower loads. Or, anything with short bursts of intensity followed by, which teaches your body to cycle lactic acid efficiently.

Interval training. . One WOD I have done was:

3 Rds AMRAP Double Unders;

With 2 minutes on the clock, run 400m, then complete as many DU in the remaining time. Rest 2 minutes.

. This is where you typically see funny notations that you might not be familiar with. This might include going through a few lifts (squat, deadlift, bench, front squat, press) where you work at 40-60% of your 1RM for 3-5 sets at 8-10 reps, resting for a specific amount of time between sets, and resting between movements for a longer time. on how you might structure a Crossfit Workout.
Fight Gone Bad


Kelly Starrett on YouTube

Can't really say anything better than the master. But, I thought it was important to note that any good program will include mobility - injury proof yourself, and improve your recovery too.
Chaîne YouTube

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CrossFit Programming : bien structurer ses entraînements CrossFit !

Messagepar Skad le 23/07 15h56

Merci pour le link Elsabre :)
Le plus gros défaut du Crossfit (programmation bancale!) se comble de plus en plus au fur et à mesure que ce genre de topics voient le jour :)
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CrossFit Programming : bien structurer ses entraînements CrossFit !

Messagepar Eponge le 24/07 09h26

Super intéressant, merci!
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CrossFit Programming : bien structurer ses entraînements CrossFit !

Messagepar GrosT57 le 31/07 07h16

Artcile interessant pour Septembre ... :cool:

Merci Elsabre
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