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MessagePosté: 09/10 19h37
par Vincent
:eek: :D

une fois n'est pas coutume je fais un petit coup de pub pour BRIAN D JOHNSTON car le titre de son livre me fait bien marrer ! Cela dit, c'est certainement un bon bouquin hyper complet.

New from the IART... an academic-based book on High-Intensity Training.


Available November 1st, 2005 (advanced orders will be accepted).

"The I.A.R.T.'s 'HIT - Higher Intelligence Training Manual' is compelling reading and an absolutely irreplaceable educational resource. I would go so far as to say that I consider it my new bible for intelligent resistance exercise training information. The book comprehensively deals with all aspects of resistance training from the history, philosophy and fundamentals of High Intensity Training, to proper exercise performance and application including increasing demands with intensity variables to maximize results. And it does so in such great detail and in such a logical manner that it leaves no doubt as to the most effective, safe and efficient way to exercise. Exercise Prescription, Physique Tranformations, Research Projects and Case Studies are only a few more of the subjects that are painstakingly covered. This is truly a treasure chest of vital information for the exercise enthusiast or fitness industry professional. You really have to see it to believe it! When it comes to Higher Intelligence Training, Brian D. Johnston literally wrote the book on it!"

Deane Cooke, Certified Fitness Practitioner
*** ***

An excellent library resource for fitness professionals to loan to clients, or to use as a reference for lectures and debates.

An educational resource designed for those who understand HIT and particularly those who don't!
This books includes the history, misunderstandings, fundamental principles, physiological basis, application (basic and body part specialization routines), case studies, and supporting scientific research of high-intensity training. Some topics include:

The History of HIT. Where did it originate and what was its basis? Believe it or not, it has been around for over 100 years, since many trainees had to keep sessions brief out of necessity, and that meant being able to train very hard.

HIT Misunderstandings. There is extreme ignorance as to what HIT is, poor understanding of muscle physiology, and much of the propaganda against HIT is politically charged!

Fundamentals of HIT. Basics principles of exercise science and stress physiology both support and encourage brief, intense and infrequent exercise.

Proper Movement. To derive the greatest benefit from minimal sets, there must exist proper mechanics, breathing that is controlled and coordinated with movement, and sufficient tension throughout the range of movement.

Program Prescription. There is a logical way in which to train the body, and this book outlines the most basic HIT methodologies, together with advanced split routines, body part specialization and the integration of the most common HIT variables.

HIT Case Studies. Thousands of people world-wide train HIT, and with great success, as exemplified in the DeLand High School project, the West Point Study, the Colorado Experiment, and with dozens of college and professional sports teams.

Supporting Science. Three major papers are included in this book, which discloses what strength training research has determined over the past three decades: Arthur Jones and HIT methodology is right, with no benefit in support of multiple sets, periodization, or other high-volume protocol.

$39.95 Canadian (approximately $26.50 US) plus shipping. CD version available for $25 Canadian (approx. $16.50 US) + shipping.
Visit our site soon for a PDF download on the table of contents and sample excerpts.
Brian D. Johnston
Director of Education & President, IART

Tiens ben si j'avais des sous je me laisserais bien tenter... !

MessagePosté: 09/10 19h48
par Dx2jc
Un titre pareil juste pour un remake du HIT faut pas avoir peur des retours de flamme :p...

MessagePosté: 09/10 19h59
par Vincent
hahaaha c'est clair Brian il attaque DUR !!! HIGHER INTELLIGENCE !!!!

Les autres faisant des entrainements de primate hahahaah remarque... :D :p